In line with CVCITC’s mission, the Accountancy Department has to design and deliver programs of the highest quality in accountancy and allied fields, preparing its students to become productive members of society as successful accountancy and finance professionals through the judicious and efficient use of resources, continuous review and updates of curricula, faculty development, research, community extension, industry linkages and networks.

The Accountancy Department is a vital component of Cagayan Valley Computer and Information Technology College Inc., providing excellent and responsive accountancy programs that involve a rigorous, thorough and relentless pursuit and advancement of knowledge utilizing academic personnel, facilities, and systems of the highest quality in order to produce accounting and finance professionals who will attain personal growth and global competitiveness, and contribute towards national development.

The BSA program aims to prepare students of B.S. in Accountancy to become Certified Public Accountants and have successful careers as competent statutory auditors, tax accountants, accountancy educators, government accountants, and other positions that require passing the accountancy licensure examinations. Prepare students of B.S. in Accounting Technology to become skilled accounting technicians and have successful careers as general ledger accountants, receivables accountants, payables accountants, properties accountants, inventories accountants, and payroll and benefits accountants

Provide its students with a holistic approach to accountancy education that focuses on professional courses as well as personal development that imbibe sound moral values and ethical standards, competence, and integrity.

A BSA graduate can pursue a career in any of the four (4) major fields of accountancy. The graduate can be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Public Practitioner, who may choose to be an auditor, tax or management consultant. Second, the graduate may join the commerce and industry sector as a comptroller, internal auditor, financial accounting and reporting staff within the Accounting Department. Third, the graduate may join the government as an accountant, auditor, or financial analyst in direct government agencies like COA, BIR, GSIS, AFP, and the like. Lastly, the graduate may join the education sector as a member of the College of Accountancy.

A Graduate of BSA is eligible to take the Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants. The first batch of BSA graduates was in 2016. Three of these graduates have passed the CPA board exam, two (Christian Lloyd Rivera and Ezekiel Hernandez ) in October 2016, and one (Jireh Calacala) in May 2017. Six (6) passed the board during the SY 2017-2018, namely, Mary Grace Nantin (October 2017) and Bacud, Rachel Anne P., Halos, Joanna Marie C., Nuque, Joana A., Salamero, Jeffrey A., And Sorquiano, Marlena B. (May2018. Several activities like in-house review, drills and exercises, mock board exams, each one teach one, were infused into the program to improve the passing rate of the graduates who are planning to take the exam.


The primary goal of accounting education is to produce competent and ethical professional accountants capable of making a positive contribution over their