The research culture of CVCITC is traced on its humble beginning in 2008. It was dubbed as the Research Center as planned by Dr. Romiro G. Bautista, the first-ever Research Director of the college. Collaborated with the Instruction’s office under Dr. Marita G. Sanchez, the plans, programs and modalities were introduced to the college’ academic community. Dr. Bautista then gave pole-vaulting seminar-workshops among the faculty members and an invitational-Research Seminar participated in by some HEIs in Santiago City as a kick-off activity in realizing the dreams, goals and objectives of the then Research Center: a sturdy research culture, a patented journal and a research conference.

These dreams, goals and objectives were branded anew by Dr. Sanchez when Dr. Bautista left in 2009 for an international leap. She then introduced the Faculty-Student tandem to highly optimize and realize these dreams. New benchmarks, tie-ups and clouts were established. With her leadership and initiatives, CVCITC made a stint to the academic community through research and research presentation. CVCITC participated in an International conference organized by the International Association of Management Educators and Research Practitioners (IAMERP) – the first ever International Research Conference Attended by the college in 2009. This is where the CVCITC’s International Network started. Countries benchmarked by CVCITC were Taiwan, Nigeria, Finland, and Malaysia. With her leadership and eminence, Dr. Sanchez became an officer of IAMERP. This academic pursuit does not end from there. CVCITC continued to soar better when the college was represented in a Research Conference in Kaoshiung, Taiwan in 2010 and at the Universiti Utara Malaysia's i-COME in 2012.

Since 2010, the college had started its Peer Review process to culminate its research undertakings. Reputable academicians and researchers were invited as technical reviewers and evaluators: Dr. Bonifacio V. Ramos, a retired professor of Saint Mary’s University, Dr. Roberto M. Arguelles of Saint Louis University – Baguio City, Dr. Cristina G. Gallato of University of Cordillera’s - Baguio City and some key personalities of CHED-R02 like Dr. Antonio P. Pascual, Dr. Nestor R. Calvan, and Dr. Florida R. Capili. The crowning-glories of CVCITC in research continued to flourish when Dr. Bonifacio V. Ramos became the Research Director in 2012. After introducing new reforms for several months, Dr. Ramos also left the department for some personal reasons. Dr. Sanchez again took the office as nobody was around to run and oversee the research undertakings of the college.

In 2014, CVCITC made a greater stint when it partnered with the Universiti Utara of Malaysia through the network of Dr. Sanchez: the lone Philippine HEI partner in the UUM’s network and allies. The first ever patented journal of the college indexed to the Philippine National library was realized in June: ISSN and certificate of copyright were applied for and granted to the First ever CVCITC Research Journal. This were all realized when Dr. Bautista rejoined the college and retook the office in June. Dr. Bautista is an international research presenter and evaluator to various journals across the US, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.

Today, CVCITC continues to soar better in making difference in research and research development as it holds another milestone in research conference. Truly, CVCITC envisions in becoming an aficionado in research and research development.